About Proofs

Even if you send us your files "print ready" you should still ask us to see a proof and sign off on it to verify it is accurate. Sometimes fonts will default or will align differently when working from different versions of the same program (ie. Word). It is important that what we see is what you expect.

As a rule, we will proceed with production on print ready files unless you request a proof.

We prefer to email proofs to you, but in some cases we need you to see more accurate colour or view the paper which requires you to come see us in person.

Email Proof

Shows you the size, text, and color of your job. This file may be a lower resolution than that used for printing, as the monitor does not require the high resolution we print at. When you view this on your phone or monitor the colour representation may not be true ... so if you are in doubt of the colour please ask for a digital proof.

Colour Digital Proof

A digital colour copy of your job on the chosen paper. The digital press may have a slight colour shift but overall your job will look like this proof. If your job is printed offset, the colour may change more so, as press ink is semi-transparent, and toner is not.

Press Proof

A full representation of your final job using the press plates. It is printed on both sides of the paper, folded and trimmed just like the final product will be. This type of proofing is used very rarely because it is very expensive.